60 RPM Grill Motor System

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60 RPM Grill Motor System

The "QuikSPIN-CRC" is a 60 RPM Grill Motor System designed for Use With up to 20 Pound Capacity Coffee Roaster Drums for BBQ Grills.

We have 3 different versions:  Standard Duty for up to 5 lb. capacity drums, Heavy Duty for up to 20 lb. Capacity Drums, and Heavy Duty for use with up to 20 lb. Capacity Drums with special mounting brackets to use with the Char Broil 6 Burner Grill.

Each motor system is hand made to order by us.  These systems are sleek and powerful.  You will not find a better higher-quality motor system on the market!

To order go to top of this listing and choose version then click "Add to cart" and then either continue shopping or checkout. 

Click Here For Video of our QuikSPIN-CRC 60 RPM Motor In Action

High-RPM for Superior Bean Mixing Capability.

Consistently Even Coffee Roasts

For the discerning Coffee Roaster who roasts coffee in a BBQ, our QuikSPIN-CRC high-speed 60 RPM Motor System is designed to produce a superior mixing ability in your Coffee Roaster Drum for optimum roasting. This high RPM motor setup (60 RPM) is designed to fit the very popular Char Broil Premium Universal Fit Rotisserie & its grill brackets.  It may fit other rotisseries; click here to inquire if you have a different setup and we will confirm whether it will fit.

The QuikSPIN-CRC housing is specially designed for excellent ventilation of motor system; to facilitate the cooling process a high CFM cooling fan is built into the interior of the unit.

Again please note that the Standard Version can be used with up to 5 lb. capacity drums.  The Heavy Duty version can be used with an up to 20 pound capacity drum. Note that we also sell that Heavy Duty version with an optional adapter for it to be bolted onto the Char Broil 6 Burner Grill.  If you have that grill you should consider purchasing the Heavy Duty version with optional adapter as it securely fastens the motor system to the grill.  If you are using the Heavy Duty version for a 20 lb. drum and a different grill you will need to design your own adapter to fully bolt the system to your grill to assure stability with such a large capacity drum.  (such additional adapters are not needed with 1 - 10 lb. capacity drums.)

110VAC.  Users manual included with purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Purchase does not include a rotisserie rod.  If you do not have a rotisserie rod we suggest you get one such as the Char-Broil Premium Universal Fit.

Fulfillment & Shipping Information

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Product is made to order and has a 6 calendar week lead time until shipment commences. Shipping Fees indicated during checkout. Full shipping details available by clicking here.

Please Read For Outside of U.S.A. Deliveries: Customs and/or brokerage fees may be applicable for out-of-country deliveries and are the responsibility of the buyer.


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