Coffee Bean Cooler Dechaffer:

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Standard & Semi-Automatic Coffee Bean Cooler & Dechaffer Systems

Quickly cooling down your just roasted beans is one of the most important and overlooked steps in the coffee roasting process.  Dechaffing your beans is an additional essential part of having a clean, finished product.  The javaCOOL-CRC Series Coffee Bean Cooler and Dechaffer systems rapidly cool down and dechaff beans just roasted out of our coffee roasters.

You have your choice of either our 5 lb. capacity or 20 lb. capacity standard versions or our 6 lb. capacity semi-automatic version.  Each unit comes with easy to understand operating instructions.  All systems operate on 115VAC household current.

People love our bean cooler/dechaffers, expecially the 5 lb. system.  Buy one today and see for yourself what a great job it does dechaffing and rapidly cooling down your beans!

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The 6 lb. capacity semi-automatic system
(as shown in listing picture and here) uses a stainless steel vacuum system integrated into a cyclone dechaffer and specially designed stainless steel bean suspension vacuum chamber/receptacle.  To use you dump your beans into the bean suspension chamber, close the chamber, and turn on the vacuum.  No stirring is necessary as the beans self agitate in the vacuum chamber/receptacle. This semi-automatic system is great for commercial use as it frees up your hands to do further roasting.
Photo: javaCOOL-CRC Semi-Automatic 6 lb.

The 5 lb. and 20 lb. capacity standard versions consist of a powerful vacuum system integrated into a specially designed 5 lb. or 20 lb. (your choice) capacity all stainless bottom perforated bowl and bucket system.  To use you turn the system on, dump your beans into the bowl, and stir the beans with a stainless spoon (not included).  In a short time the beans are cooled down to ambient temperature and dechaffed.

20 lb. Capacity javaCOOL-CRC Dechaff Bowl

(Note that the picture shown at the very top of this listing is only representative of our 6 lb. capacity semi-automatic system.  The 5 lb. and 20 lb. standard versions do not include a cyclone system as it is not needed.)

Fulfillment & Shipping Information

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The javaCOOL-CRC Standard 5 & 20 lb. versions are made to order and have a 6 calendar week lead time until shipment commences. The javaCOOL-CRC ULTRA is also made to order and has a 6 calendar week lead time until shipment commences. Shipping Fees indicated during checkout. Full shipping details available by clicking here.

Please Read For Outside of U.S.A. Deliveries: Customs and/or brokerage fees may be applicable for out-of-country deliveries and are the responsibility of the buyer.


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