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The  javaPRO-CRC ULTRA 'RAPID-RESPONSE' Series Indoor Electric Coffee Roaster
PID Temperature Controlled With Infrared Heating Elements
(non-PID versions also available)

If you want a 100% U.S. Made coffee roaster that will last a lifetime (read our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty) and is manufactured using the highest grade components then this is the roaster to get.    It has 5 different capacity sizes to choose from.  (The 10 lb. capacity javaPRO-CRC ULTRA is shown on the top of this page and in pictures shown below.  All capacities are similar in look.)  Please scroll down and read about this roaster.

how-to-order-2_01_1_To order go to top of this listing and choose a Model/Version then "Add to cart" and then either continue shopping or checkout from there.

Details of the javaPRO-CRC ULTRA 'RAPID-RESPONSE' Series
"Hi Len- I just wanted to let you know that everything is great with the Ultra 10lb roaster!" - Barry from Pennsylvania

Five different capacities available: 1, 2, 5,10, & 20 lb.  This coffee roaster is a proprietary design of CoffeeRoastersClub. Note that roaster shown in below pictures is the 10 lb. Version.  1 lb., 2 lb., & 5 lb. versions are smaller but same overall look. 10 lb. version is shown in the product listing on top of this page.  20 lb. version has exhaust on right hand side adjacent to motor system housing (facing roaster).

All roasters excluding the 20 lb. version have have a shell composed of 18 gauge food quality stainless steel.  The 20 lb. version has 16 gauge throughout.  The back and sides of all versions are covered in ceramic insulation (for superior heat retention) and  held in place with a special outer aluminum cover.  All stainless front door has a glass viewing port.  Drum is nicely backlit during roasting operation so you can see the beans tumble in the drum while roasting.

Coffee roaster drum is 100% Stainless Steel, welded construction.  Drum perforations are 5/32" diameter. Drum has Internal mixing vanes. Drum rotates at 60 RPM which is considered optimal RPM.  All roaster drums (excluding 20 lb. drum) are removed from interior of roaster to fill with beans, placed back in roaster to roast,  then again removed after roasting to dump beans.  20 lb. version is permanently attached to roaster and beans are filled from an inlet port on the outside of the roaster and dumped from an outlet port of the roaster.  The 20 lb. version also has a bean trier.  Also available as an option with the 20 lb. version is the 'Sonic Crackometer', an electronic high temp microphone device which amplifies the sound of the bean cracks inside of the roaster allowing you to distinctly here them, adding yet another dimension for determining how your roast is progressing.

Roaster has two banks of high efficiency Rapid-Response ceramic infrared heating elements.  One bank is located on the upper back wall of the roaster and one on the lower back wall of the roaster.  1 lb. capacity draws 1,000 watts, 2 lb. capacity draws 1,500 watts, 5 lb. capacity draws 2,000 watts,10 lb. capacity draws 3,000 watts, and 20 lb. capacity draws 6,000 watts.  All versions except the 20 lb. version operate on 110VAC.  The 20 lb. version operates on 220VAC.

A chaff collection pan sits on bottom floor of roaster.

The PID uses a thermocouple probe which inserts through the side of the roaster right into the drum to read bean mass temperature. The PID provides electronic temperature control to automatically adjust roasting temperature.  This allows precise temperature adjustments for complex roast profiles.

Non-PID Versions also available.  These versions use 2 manual switches in place of a PID to control heating elements.  An analog long-stem thermometer is used in place of thermocouple probe.  Temperature is controlled by manually turning switches on or off.

1 lb. & 2 lb. version uses typical 15 amp 3 prong plug.  5 lb. version uses 20 amp plug. 10 lb. version uses 30 amp plug.  20 lb. version uses 4 prong 220VAC plug. You will need the applicable electrical outlet for each coffee roaster.

Photos (click photo to enlarge):

PICT0635PICT0621 PICT0624 PICT0641 PICT0642 PICT0645 PICT0649 PICT0650PICT0651PICT0637
Roasting Times & Method Applicable To All javaPRO-CRC ULTRA's

To summarize roasting operation: Take out coffee roaster drum and fill with coffee beans.  Reinsert coffee roaster drum.  Insert temperature probe into bean mass.  Turn on motor & heating elements.  Turn on exhaust fan when necessary.  Roast to desired roast level then turn off motor and heating elements.  Remove drum with heat proof gloves and dump beans into a cooling utensil.  Dechaff beans with a Bean Cooler/Dechaffer. Typical roasting times are 20 - 25 minutes for a full load to City+.  Less beans than rated capacity being roasted will decrease the amount of time to achieve desired roast.  You may preheat roaster to get 5% to 10% reduction in roasting time.

Ventilation Applicable To All javaPRO-CRC ULTRA's
All roasters have a ventilation system for smoke extraction which vents roasting smoke to the outside. This system is attached to side of coffee roaster.  A 4 foot length of 4" diameter expandable aluminum ventilation tubing (6" diameter on the 10 lb. & 20 lb. versions) is included for use with the ventilation system. This tubing is intended for temporary use. We recommend solid wall tubing for permanent installation.

Roaster Colors
All ULTRA models are stainless steel without exception.

Instructional Manuals
Complete operating and roasting instructions included with all coffee roaster models.

Roasting Capacities Referenced
Note that roasting capacity indicated is raw unroasted bean weight.

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Check with local zoning and fire department for necessary permits, smoke ductwork needed, etc. prior to purchase.  Obey all safety precautions.  Never leave coffee roaster unattended while roasting.  Heat proof gloves should be worn when using coffee roaster.  Extension cords should not be used with coffee roaster (or any electric coffee roaster for that matter) as they typically lower voltage.

Fulfillment & Shipping Information

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All javaPRO-CRC ULTRA's are made to order and have an 8 calendar week lead time until shipment commences. Shipping Fees indicated during checkout. Full shipping details available by clicking here.

Please Read For Outside of U.S.A. Deliveries: Customs and/or brokerage fees may be applicable for out-of-country deliveries and are the responsibility of the buyer.


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