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FIRST AND FOREMOST, we have been making coffee roasters for over 16 years. If you want a built in the U.S.A. roaster that will last a lifetime and has a lifetime warranty then buy one of our roasters. If you are looking for a cheap mass produced roaster made in China that only comes with a 90 day warranty (if that), then buy one of those. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for! 

Now that you know about us and our roasters, we would certainly be honored to have you as a customer. Please review our offerings by clicking here, and they are also shown below under the heading, "OUR PREMIUM HANDMADE COFFEE ROASTER EQUIPMENT".


Hey Len, Thanks for all your help, and if you ever need a testimonial praising you and your custom made guaranteed for life tough as nails machines, gimme a holler. 

Bennett, California

I recently purchased the QuikSPIN-CRC 60 RPM Motor from Len. Len said it you shorten the time it to roast coffee and it did! From 20min to 12min. Also the roast is much more uniform in coffee (roast is even color with high speed roaster compared to the motor that comes with my rotisserie .) Would highly recommend this product, for home grill roasters.

Tom Palmer

I've given the JavaPro-crc a pretty good test drive and it rocks! Great item!

Jeff, Texas

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