How To Make An Inexpensive BBQ Coffee Roaster Drum & Ronco Coffee Roaster Drum

Please note that I am selling DIY plans on home to construct a coffee roaster drum for BBQ grill or a Ronco Rotisserie depending upon plans used.   The drums materials are predominately aluminum with riveted construction.  The drums are similar to the drums I made when I first started our Coffee Roaster drum business over 15 years ago. 

Our Coffee Roasting Drums, The Best Out There

We offer the best size/cost value in the business.  Compare our coffee roaster drum cylinder dimensions against other manufacturers and see for yourself.  Moreover, our superior coffee roaster drum design rises above the competition by using optimal 5/32" drum perforations and a significantly larger open area.  This allows excellent chaff removal and increased air flow through the coffee roaster drum.  Compare that to other manufacturers sparsely holed drums with tiny 1/8" perforations which prevent the elimination of unwanted chaff and can also be a leading cause of tipping (burnt/scorched spots) on beans.  Also all of our coffee roaster drums now uses my unique...

Our hands down most popular roaster is ...

We have made many many roasters over the years.  Thousands upon thousands of coffee roaster drums for BBQ grills, and thousands of electric coffee roasters.  All by hand and made in Connecticut, USA.

Roasting Coffee In A Grill

Is it easy to roast coffee in a grill?  A resounding YES!

People overcomplicate matters when it comes to roasting coffee.  One of the easiest ways to roast is in a grill.  How do you do it you ask?  Let's see ...

A Bar of Old Whippersnapper's Handmade Soap with every purchase

A Bar of Old Whippersnapper's Handmade Soap with every purchase
To promote a new business venture we are including for free a bar of Old Whippersnapper's Natural Handmade Manly Soaps with every coffee roaster purchase (over $5 value).
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