Our Coffee Roasting Drums, The Best Out There

We offer the best size/cost value in the business.  Compare our coffee roaster drum cylinder dimensions against other manufacturers and see for yourself.  Moreover, our superior coffee roaster drum design rises above the competition by using optimal 5/32" drum perforations and a significantly larger open area.  This allows excellent chaff removal and increased air flow through the coffee roaster drum.  Compare that to other manufacturers sparsely holed drums with tiny 1/8" perforations which prevent the elimination of unwanted chaff and can also be a leading cause of tipping (burnt/scorched spots) on beans. 

Also all of our coffee roaster drums now uses my unique Universal Rod Fit design & mechanism:  Every Coffee Roaster Drum has a 9/16" diameter hole drilled in the center of each end cap, along with a specially designed universal fit rod clamping mechanism adjacent to the drilled center hole on each cap. This allows this drum to fit ALL straight rotisserie rods up to 9/16" diameter. In other words if your rod is 1/4" in diameter it will work perfect; if it is 9/16" in diameter it will work perfect; and everything in between! 

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