Our hands down most popular roaster is ...

We have made many many roasters over the years.  Thousands upon thousands of coffee roaster drums for BBQ grills, and thousands of electric coffee roasters.  All by hand and made in Connecticut, USA.  Our most popular drum for BBQ Grills is our 5 lb. BBQ drum.  Our most popular electric roaster is javaPRO-CRC ULTRA series10 lb. PID version.

Next we have our outdoor all in one grill units.  Our most popular one by far is our 20 lb. capacity megaROAST-BBQ with grill.

Now you may ask, what is my favorite roaster?  My go to roaster is a 2 lb. BBQ Drum in my 2 burner charbroil, and I use a charbroil motor with it.  My roasts are even and awesome.  How do I roast in it?  I put the beans in the drum, put drum in BBQ grill, light burners and turn to high for each burner.  Turn motor on.  Close lid.  Roast on high until 20 seconds into 1st crack then turn to medium low.  Then I roast until my desired roast level (usually just prior to 2nd crack).  That is all there is to it!