Lifetime Warranty

At CRC we stand behind all our coffee roasting equipment 100%.
Unlike some competitors who only offer a limited warranty on just a couple items they sell, we are so confident about the high quality of our equipment that we have an exclusive lifetime warranty on everything we manufacture. Whether it be one of our roasting drums, machines, high speed motor systems, or bean coolers.

How it works: If for some reason you have an issue with any coffee roasting equipment you purchased and have been using it for its intended purpose and as directed, all you do is email us at and provide us your name and when you (original owner only) purchased the item from us. Fully explain the issue. Maybe we will find that the issue is best resolved by a quick & easy fix done over the phone; or maybe best resolved by us personally examining the product and determining what needs to be done from there. If the product does need to be looked at by us all you do is ship us the product and we will at our cost either repair it or replace it, at our discretion, and then we ship it back to you.

"We have offered our Exclusive CRC Lifetime Warranty since the day we opened shop in 2003. I know it is important for people to see that we stand by our roasting equipment 100%. This is what it takes to be #1; every successful business owner will tell you that." - Len, Owner