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1 lb. Coffee Roaster Drum For Ronco Rotisseries

1 lb. Coffee Roaster Drum For Ronco Rotisseries

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Note: All drums made to order. Custom modifications are not available. Drums are only sold as stated in this listing. All drums have a 6 week manufacture time until shipment. Full payment is required up front. By purchasing you agree to our PURCHASE TERMS.

With one of our coffee roaster drums, raw green coffee beans, a Ronco Rotisserie mentioned below, you will be able to roast for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Every Coffee Roaster Drum we manufacture is 100% Stainless Steel.  All are welded and Made In The USA.  All come with our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty.  

Dollar for dollar our drums are larger & less expensive than the competition.  Moreover, our drum design uses optimal 5/32" drum perforations.  Other manufacturers make sparsely holed drums with smaller 1/8" perforations which prevent the elimination of chaff and also cause tipping (burnt/scorched spots) on beans. 

1 lb. Capacity Ronco Coffee Roaster Drum

8" cylinder length, 5.5" cylinder diameter
(volume = 190 cubic inches)
Fits only on a Ronco 3000, 4000 or 5000
Cylinder is 18 gauge stainless steel with 5/32" perforations
6" diameter 20 gauge stainless steel end caps
3 stainless steel interior fins that run length of drum and rise 1" into cylinder

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