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40 lb. Coffee Roaster Drum For Split 55 Gallon Barrel Roasters

40 lb. Coffee Roaster Drum For Split 55 Gallon Barrel Roasters

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Note: All drums made to order. Custom modifications are not available. Drums are only sold as stated in this listing. All drums have a 6 week manufacture time until shipment. Full payment is required up front. By purchasing you agree to our PURCHASE TERMS.

With one of our 40 lb capacity coffee roaster drums, raw green coffee beans, a specially designed split 55 gallon drum roaster and it's rotisserie, you will be able to roast for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Every Coffee Roaster Drum we manufacture is 100% Stainless Steel.  All are welded and Made In The USA.  All come with our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty.  

Dollar for dollar our drums are larger & less expensive than the competition.  Moreover, our drum design uses optimal 5/32" drum perforations.  Other manufacturers make sparsely holed drums with smaller 1/8" perforations which prevent the elimination of chaff and also cause tipping (burnt/scorched spots) on beans. 

Our drums have a rod clamping mechanism we invented which clamps the drum to your rotisserie rod. This mechanism works with all types of 4, 6, & 8 sided rods, and round rods up to 9/16" in diameter. After clamping the drum to the rod you are set to roast.

40 lb. Capacity Coffee Roaster Drum For Split 55 Gallon Barrel (DIY Projects)
Click Here To Search For Information On Building A 55 Gallon Barrel Roaster

26" cylinder length, 14.5" cylinder diameter
(volume = 4293 cubic inches)

Cylinder is 18 gauge stainless steel with 5/32" perforations
15" diameter 16 gauge stainless steel end caps
3 stainless steel interior fins that run length of drum and rise 2" into cylinder
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